I have been a bike racer for most of my life and it is what I do. I have had some good times and a few bad patches and some good and bad races mixed in there too, but there are a few things I am proud of and there listed in my best bits. Bike racing is a massive part of what makes me but there are many other things that get me up in morning hopefully the interview will let you knowa bit more about what makes me tick. For those of you who are into the training side of things there is also some physiological data too.


The best bits


- 1st National MTB Series

- 1st National Cyclo Cross Series


- 1st National Series

- 9th European Champs


- 1st National Series

- 1st National Marathon Champs


- 1st National Series

- 1st National Marathon Champs



- 12th Olympic Games

- 10th World Champs

- 9th World Cup Rd 5


- 1st National Champs

- 1st National Series

- 2nd Commonwealth Games
- 1st National Champs
- 1st National Series
- 10th European Champs
- 13th World Rankings

- 6th European Champs
- 9th World Champs
- 1st National Champs
- 1st National Series
- 1st National Cyclo Cross Series 1

- 17th Olympic Games
- 1st National Series

- 1st National Champs
- 1st national Series
- 7th Commonwealth Games

- 1st National Champs

- 23rd Olympic Games




Lives- Backwell near Bristol     

Age- Born 7/6/76

Born- Bristol born and bred

Business- Co Owner of BW Cycling in Bristol   www.bwcycling.co.uk


Dry Mountain bike riding and road riding in proper mountains.

Going for walks with Rach, Zoe and Emma.

A good cafe with a good coffee.
A few pints down the pub with my mates.

Food, whether eating out or cooking and eating in.

Quite at home on the sofa with my feet up and some good TV.



Training in the wet and cold.

Dickhead drivers when i am riding.


Started riding- Started proper riding in 1988 on my Raleigh Mustang and did my first race in 1989 at the Cheddar Challenge, got round but don’t know where I came

First win- In 1990 in the Sportage series at the Forest of Dean, still got the trophy.

Turned professional- 1998, finished studying in 97 and then turned pro for Scott next year.

What motivates you- Im not that competitive, the thing that motivates me is to work hard at something and for it to work and be worthwhile, the other guys I race with are just getting in the way of achieving this.

Any other sports- Used to run cross country when I was younger and still do some of this in the winter but less than I used to. I enjoy the weight training that I do in the off season and try and do some good hilly walks with my family. I used to hate swimming but in the winter of 2011 whilst recovering from a serious injury i was only allowed in the pool to exercise, learnt to swim properly and now enjoy it.

Best course- I love to race in Belgium because of the fans and the atmosphere, you feel like a proper sportsman. So the classic is Houfalize. It’s the biggest race for any rider to win

Best race- For me it was European champs 2005 where I finished 6th. I turned up not peaking or expecting a lot and was riding real well and was in the front group for most of the race with all the great riders, ended up only 30secs of the podium and was a turning point for my ambition.

Hero- Not so much of a hero but have a lot of respect for Thomas Frishknecht, Don’t know him well but hes a great rider and seems to be an friendly and honest bloke

Future Goals- It was a massive success for me to return to top form in late 2012 following a massive accident in August 2011 when i broke my hip. I managed to win the National series once again and then in my first Cyclo cross Series came away with the overal title. I am now focusing on National races with my main goals for 2013 being the one day National MTB and Cross Champs.

Advise to a young rider- You only get out what you put in, cyclings a sport with no short cuts


PHYSIOLOGICAL DATA                                                 



Height- 183 cm

Weight- 63-66 kg

Max Heart Rate- 192bpm

Resting Heart Rate- 40bpm

Max Aerobic power- 480-495 watts

Threshold Power- 380-390 watts

Max Sprint Power- 1050 watts